Beckmann CEQ 2000 sequencer

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Fri Jul 7 04:17:56 EST 2000

Hi Zoltan,

if you do not have exorbitant sample numbers to cope with, I would 
suggest you keep the 310 and eventually buy another one.

I had the opportunity to test both the CEQ2000 an the ABI310. 
Finally, we bought the 310. The ABI now is running for 8 month 
without any major problems (the computer sometimes hangs when one 
starts printing while the sequencer is running, but one easily may 
copy the data on a zip disk and print it from somewhere else using 
the chromas software package). Although the capillaries are 
warrantied for 100 runs only, they withstand more than 250 runs and 
the technician changes them because of the run number and not 
because of failure (we normally run the short capillary and the pop6 
protocol for enabling > 30 samples a day and are processing approx 
150 to 200 per week). 

Handling and maintenance of the 310 is *much* more easy, there is 
much less (=no) hassle with the gel cartriges. With the Beckman, I 
had many failing sequencing reactions, clogged capillaries, 
arrays going dead after some runs. There were problems we 
could not track down, but disappeared by time. 

Beckamn's staff which showed up time and again to help us 
solving the machine problems seemed to be not very competent; they 
almost everytime made suggestions that were written in the manual and 
that we had checked before and told them that we did. 
Furthermore, to my knowledge, the operating costs of the CEQ2000 are 
higher than for the ABI310. 

That should be plenty of arguments pro the 310.

If someone has made a better experience with the CEQ2000, I'd be 
happy to hear about it.


> From:          zoltan at (zoltan szabo)
> Subject:       Beckmann CEQ 2000 sequencer
> Date:          7 Jul 2000 00:40:33 +0100
> Organization:  BIOSCI/MRC Human Genome Mapping Project Resource Centre
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> Has anybody used the CEQ 2000 8-capillary sequencer from Beckmann?
> We currently using ABI 310 and big dye chemistry, but cannot afford
> the 16 capillary upgrade from PE. Is CEQ 2000 good or bad?1
> cheers
> zoltan szabo
> Univ.of Hawaii
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