What if silver stain does not work?

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Fri Jul 7 09:27:13 EST 2000

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> I had this happen to me a while ago..... i was doing standard
> gels for SSCP.
> I got lovely mirrored gels, turned out to be the TBE stock i was
given was
> about 10X too concentrated even when diluted.
> I couldnt de-stain it properly but leaving it washing in water
> reduced the plating but didnt show any bands.
> Kevin
> University of Dundee
> Obs & Gynae
Well, with 10x TBE I guess your band were running in the gel like a
Koenig Ferrari... they must have gone in just about 15'. I'll check the
stock solution, however. TX

Chiara Martellossi
"No se Pol"
Coffee Genetist from Viva La' e Po' Bon City

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