Beckmann CEQ 2000 sequencer

PM patrick.merel at
Fri Jul 7 10:26:13 EST 2000

There's always someone with a contradictory opinion. So here I am.

I am actually working on the CEQ 2000 for HIV sequencing of the RT and
prot genes (700 and 300 bases)

We are really happy with this CEquencer. We are actually in a process to
compare the CEQ 2000, the VGI long reader and the PEBio 377 (the single
capillary 310, in year 2000, makes me laugth, even with small
throughput. you better shop for the CE chip from Agilent).

See the 1st slides on (forum, HTMD section).

In a few words, the CEQ allows us to sequence 24 HIV patients (96
sequences) per week, per technician. This include from RNA extraction to
sequence confirmation and interpretation of mutations. In a routine
context is a huge improvement.

Cost are mentionned and you'll see that the CEQ is really cost effective

I'll like to add that contrary to what competitors are mentionning, the
CEQ is making long run up to 750 bases without any trouble, in 3 hours.

Discussion to be followed I presume ;-)

Patrick MEREL

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