DNA contanmination in RNA prep

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Fri Jul 7 11:42:52 EST 2000

Chris LaRosa <clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu> wrote:
>"Lu Z. H." wrote:
>> I'm trying to look for a efficient method to remove the DNA
>> contanmination in my total RNA samples. I'm working with a
>> bacteria E. hirae and I'm trying to use the RNA for
quantitative RT-PCR.
>> I've used both the Gaunidium thiocyanate method and the
Qiagen's RNeasy
>> kit to extract my RNA. I then treated the RNA with DNase I.
However, my
>> no RT control kept giving me positive signal in my PCR. Thank
>Try RNAse free dnase.

I've used the DNase I, RNase free from Roche but some how the DNA
just seems to be very recalcitrant.


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