PCR directly from eukaryotic cell without DNA extraction

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Sat Jul 8 13:29:55 EST 2000

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> Hi all,
> It is known that PCR could be done directly on bacteria cells. However, is
> it any equivalent protocol for that performed on eukaryotic cells? Please
> direct me to any resource about that. Thank you.

There is a method of RT-PCR without RNA extraction.

Biotechniques and the author os Bob Klebe. If you check this out and dont
be carefull to retain RNA. IE miss out RNAsin and wait a couple of minutes
before doing the PCR then it may work.

Thi wil eliminate the need to extract the DNA.

There are lots of in-situ PCR methods you could try a search for.

could you give us more details of the experiment and we could narrow it
down a bit..
> Biobiobio

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