Gene construction advice needed

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Sat Jul 8 15:37:07 EST 2000

W/o proper information on how many pairs of oligos, length, RE sites, if
any... it is difficult to talk about a strategy or a protocol for such

At 07:59 AM 7/8/00 -0400, Joseph C. Bagshaw wrote:
>I'm looking for advice on a gene construction project.  I'm trying to
>assemble a 219 bp gene from oligonucleotides.  I designed the oligos so
>that each overlaps the next by ten complementary bases.  The plan then is
>to fill the gaps, then ligate.  I can get perfect results with any two
>adjacent oligos, but when I try to assemble the whole, instead of a 219 bp
>band I get a smear.  Any advice or direction to any source of information
>would be greatly appreciated.  I have not found any reference or "how
>to" source, like "Idiot's Guide to Gene Construction".  Please mail to the
>address below or post here.
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