weight of a bacterial genome?

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Hi Teresa,
the number of genomes per cell depends on which (E. coli)
strain you use and how you grow them.

from Vischer et al (1999) J Microscopy 196, pt 1, 61-68, table 1:

an E. coli chromosome is 4.8 fg.
stationary phase cells contain 1 genome, exponentially growing
cells have more:
1.5 genome eqs for B/r cells
2 genome eqs for MC4100
this only holds for cells growing in minimal media. cells growing
in rich media like LB, 2YT etc. tend to make filaments.
If you have filaments (which will also form at 42 C) the DNA
content can go up to 10 genome eqs per cell (Huls et al (1999)
Mol Microbiol 33, 959-970).

Rogier Stuger
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