how to make nuclease free water ?

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Wed Jul 12 06:47:29 EST 2000

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> Dear all,
> could anybody provide me with a short protocol on how to prepare nuclease
> free water? I need it for PCR, RT-PCR and RNA extraction from plant tissues.
> We have a milli-Q system and I don't want to use DEPC.
> Any hints would be very much appreciated,

All the posters have given you the definative and proper answer if there
are a lot of requirements for nuclease free water.

So I'm going to give you the silly answer for someone like me who does it
alone and only needs a small ammount. (keep it clean boys) :-)

You only want the water for RT-PCR PCR etc etc?

What you could do is what I do. Use MiliQ for almost everything. Gels,
buffers etc but buy a 500ml bottle of Nuclease free water from AMBION
(10ukp) for about 30Dm.

Use this for your PCR Mix's and for resuspending RNA etc.

When you consider the hastle of time and hastle of preparing Nuclease free
water, then it is cheaper to do it this way.
> Axel

Bob: Sunny Scotland

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