weight of a bacterial genome?

Rogier rogierNOroSPAM at bio.vu.nl.invalid
Thu Jul 13 07:20:26 EST 2000

>You know what? If you knew the size of the genome (in base
>pairs), calculating the actual (or approximated) mass (..) of
>the genome should not be very difficult... especially if you
>have a calculator handy...

..and if you know how many copies of the genome are swimming
around in your cells.
e.g. Churchward et al (1982) J Theor Biol 94, 651-70:
exponentially growing e. coli (in various minimal media) has 1.6
to 4.0 copies, depending on the growth rate.
since the original question was 'amount of DNA per CFU' you have
to know how many genomes are inside your bugs.


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