alternatives to ethidium bromide

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>From vjp2 at, on 2 Jul 2000 17:07:37 GMT we perused:
*+-	  One of my clients who felt  the clock ticking on his career decided
*+-to skip  most EtBr safety precautions. When  I freaked out, he  said that the
*+-skin  is  mostly  dead  tissue  and  short-term  contact  with  EtBr  was  an

	 Same chap sent me this reply:

I've using GelStar (BioWhittaker) and also SYBR gold (Molecular Probes. 
Both have greatly reduced toxicity over ethidium bromide.  The Mol.Probes
hand book has a histogram of hard data.  Both work well but the SYBR gold is
cheaper ($68 vs $108 for Gelstar) both come as 10,000x in DMSO.  You need to
put 0.7-1.0 ul/10ml of gel and also 0.07-0.1 ul into each sample prior to
loading. SYBR gold looks to be a bit more sensitive than gelstar but gelstar
has the advantage that dsDNA comes up green-white while ssDNA comes up more

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