What if silver stain does not work?

Bill sullivan.william at mayo.edu
Thu Jul 13 17:42:03 EST 2000

Farmer's reducer is made by Kodak catalog # 169 1492. We by our supply at
the photo shop. Apparently it's used in darkroom work. We use it routinely
in conjunction with silver staining.

Bill Sullivan

Bonehammer wrote:

> In article <39637C2F.6524294D at biocomp.unl.edu>,
>   Chris LaRosa <clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu> wrote:
> Try
> > washing gel with farmers reducing agent.   Wash extensively with
> water.
> > Restain according to Damerval et al. Electrophoresis 8:158-159.  1987.
> >
> > If you overstain you can destain by adding farmers reducer agent....be
> > careful it works very fast. Perhaps you can try diluting it for
> > destaining.   It can be used to remove the surface staining and
> > background to improve contrast.
> >
> > The Damerval protocol also allows for Coomassie staining of proteins
> > first, then silver staining without the usual ghost bands .
> >
> Thank you, but I don't have the slightest idea of what this farmers
> reducer reagent is. Neither MedLine, nor Sambrook et al., nor Sigma
> catalogue were of any help to identify the stuff... and our
> Electrophoresis collection starts from 1994! Could you please be more
> specific? Thank you again.
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