Coomassie Blue: destaining

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Fri Jul 14 23:24:32 EST 2000

A very fast method is destaining in water in Microwave fro about 15 minutes, and the rest with
methanol+acetic acid

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> Hi
> I am using PhastGel BlueR coomassie blue dye from Pharmacia, I am concearned
> with destaining the gel without losing the signal from the bands (I have
> around 10ng protein per band)
> I am currently destaining in 10% Acetic acid, this takes quite a long time
> and leaves an uneven blue background. I was considering using methanol to
> improve solubility of the CB stain. How much methanol should I use without
> risking loosing signal from the bands?
> Your help is much appreciated!
> Regards,
> Miguel
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