Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at
Sat Jul 15 13:43:32 EST 2000

Hi Mahmood,
I don´t know of a kit for that, but you can simply label your PCR
product by using a biotinylated nucleotide (eg. biotin-dUTP) along with
the 4 normal dNTPs for PCR. It will be best to use only a small ratio of
biotinylated dNTP vs. the non-biotinylated one to make sure the PCR
works okay. I´d go for a 1:50 ratio biotin-dUTP:dTTP. That should give
you a sensible label.


mp wrote:
> Hi every one
> I was wondering if  there is any kit out there that uses  biotin for
> labeling DNA probes (like PCR products) and using Streptavidin coated
> magnetic beads for isolation of the corresponding plasmid from a
> library. I know Gibco has the GeneTrapper kit for cDNA, but it has other
> components that I do not need, so it makes that kit expensive. I would
> apprecite if you know any supplier and give me the address.
> Yours Mahmood     mpiraee at

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