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>> Silver staining is a common staining technique prior to analysis by
>> mass spectrometry. Tandem MS sequencing of peptides generated from 10
>> ng protein (fmol range) from silver stained gels are routinely
>> performed in most labs specialized in biological MS (hybrid
>> instruments like nESI-QTOF/QqTOF have low(sub) fmol sensitivity).
>Our MS group here in Pittsburgh are not capable of this.  If possible, do
>you have any names of labs that would be willing to do some contract
>work?  Fmol range, WOW

I would guess, that most MS labs having a hydrid quadropole/TOF
instrument equipped with nESI source can do the job. 

A list of MS labs can be found at

But for serious protein analysis by contract work I agree with this
reply taken from sci.techniques.mass-spec 

Quote ---------
By protein determination, I'm assuming you mean protein
identification?  (Considering the title of your post).

Protana, in Denmark, offer protein identification contract services.
There might be similar services in the UK, but they don't have
Matthias Mann and his staff.

David Stranz
Sierra Analytics, LLC
End quote ---------

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