Weird Western Blot (circular streaks)

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Wed Jul 19 03:11:48 EST 2000

I've had a couple of weird western blots lately,
we use a standard SDS PAGE tris glycine minigel
(BIORAD), and transfer using the minigel
apparatus at 100v for 90 minutes with a cooling
block (ice in a container) present. The transfer
buffer is the usual methanol/glycine/tris recipe.
The problem shows up when ponceau red stained as
weird circular streaks over some (not all) of the
blot.  Coomassie staining the gel reveals that
the gel has run ok.  Generally a part of the blot
is ok, normal bands, but over the rest the lanes
go into a circular streak which extends over
several lanes.  Has anyone ever seen this before,
no one in the lab has ever seen this!
any help would be appreciated!
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