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I think it was the aliens....

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> Dear Netter Nutters,
> A couple of SDS solutions in our lab have been behaving, well, oddly.
> This isn't actually a 'problem', as such,  but it's driving my nuts
> wondering why.
> We've had a bit of cold weather Down Here in Oz, and I've noticed that a
> 1% SDS solution has a tendency to pop out of solution overnight - while
> the 10% solution next to it stays dissolved.  Both were prepared from
> the same SDS stock (1% diluted from the 10%), with water from the same
> MilliQ system, stored in bottles of the same type, in fact from the same
> wash-up batch... "Ah", intoned a wise lab mate, "But as soon as you so
> much as touch the bottle of 10%, the whole thing will solidify".  Nope,
> it has so far stayed happily dissolved.  Tea room enquiries so far
> suggest two possible reasons for this strangeness:
> 1) last weekend's lunar eclipse
> 2) aliens abducted my reagents and returned them after experimenting on
> them
> Has anybody else ever had a dilute reagent solution precipitate out,
> whilst a more concentrated one stays dissolved?  Anybody have any ideas
> about why this might be happening?
> Sam Ross
> DSTO Australia
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