how many e-mails competition :-)

Dr. Duncan Clark drc at
Wed Jul 19 06:24:57 EST 2000

In article <rh-1807001844200001 at>, Robert
Hartley <rh at> writes
>How about running a competition to see how many e-mails Dan has to answer
>when he gets back from holiday. :-) 
>I say 2040 

Now 2041! :-)

That seems a little high if you are meaning this newsgroup alone. I
would say 30 posts a day on average, for two weeks, so no more than 420
from this newsgroup. However who knows how many other bionet newsgroups
he subscribes to?

On an aside. I've just subscribed to a 7700 (Taqman) list and there are
quite a few automails from people on holiday for the couple of posts I
have made but best of all, today there is an automail reply to the list
itself. Now I would guess that that will generate yet another automail
back to the list and so on ad infinitum. Good fun :-)

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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