how many e-mails competition :-)

Tim Spahlinger txs at
Thu Jul 20 15:32:47 EST 2000

Hi Dr. Clark,

    We've just purchased an ABI 7700 but, until you posted your message, I
wasn't aware of a newsgroup for users of this machine.  Could you please give
me the address for the 7700 newsgroup?
    Thanks very much!!!

"Dr. Duncan Clark" wrote:

> In article <rh-1807001844200001 at>, Robert
> Hartley <rh at> writes
> >How about running a competition to see how many e-mails Dan has to answer
> >when he gets back from holiday. :-)
> >
> >I say 2040
> Now 2041! :-)
> That seems a little high if you are meaning this newsgroup alone. I
> would say 30 posts a day on average, for two weeks, so no more than 420
> from this newsgroup. However who knows how many other bionet newsgroups
> he subscribes to?
> On an aside. I've just subscribed to a 7700 (Taqman) list and there are
> quite a few automails from people on holiday for the couple of posts I
> have made but best of all, today there is an automail reply to the list
> itself. Now I would guess that that will generate yet another automail
> back to the list and so on ad infinitum. Good fun :-)
> Duncan
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