Total protein extraction

Supan ssupan at
Thu Jul 20 16:41:27 EST 2000

Hi! Everybody:
I am new to this newsgroup. I am interested to know about buffers used to isolate total proteins
from leaves of plant (i work with soybean and maize plants)? I am interested to measure the
activity of following enzymes using the total protein (crude), i.e. Phenyl ammonia lyas, catalase,
chitinase, glucanase, peroxidase. Anybody know a single extraction buffer to isolate total protein
and check the enzyme activity. Furthermore, could someone please let me know whether it is
feasable or not if i collect the leaves and gound them in liquid nitrogen and then free the powder
at -80 C and then take the powder and dissolved in different buffer for differ enzymes? Do i need
to freez dry the powder after crushing the leaves in liquid nitrogen or its ok if i just keep it at
-80? If i use 80% ammonium sulfate, will i lose protein too? Any suggestion regarding total
protein isolation will be greatly appreciated. Kindly send your suggustions to me at
mwkhan at
Wajahat Khan
Plant Science Dept.,
McGill University
mwkhan at
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