tell me how to unstand this EST display

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Sat Jul 22 10:59:37 EST 2000

sdyang at wrote:
>  I have search this EST from webpage of ,It will be useful to me .But there are some scientific items I can not know its meaning ,such as score,expect,positives .I need your kind help .Furthmore ,I hope you can tell how to use EST database to identify a new cDNA .you may refer me some useful articles which have explain EST more detailed .

The E values indicate the statistical significance that the matches are
not due to chance.   The smaller the E value the better the match.  Your
E values indicate that the probability that your match was due to chance
was below 1 x E-21.... very low.  So you certainly matched very well.  I
would suggest you can identify your cdna is a mitochodrial phosphate
transporter,,, that kind of amino acid matching indicates vertual

Chris, the grouch, larosa.

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