Weird Northern again!!!

Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at
Mon Jul 24 03:14:05 EST 2000

Hi Black,
We´ve had some hybridization problems years back. We checked everything.
Finally it was the oven that did not keep the set temperature but was
much colder and gave unspecific hybridization. 
Check it. If the oven and you buffers are correct, try a control hyb
with an abundant message.


Chunxin Wang wrote:
> This time two new probes PCR-amplified from arabidopsis PR-1 and VSP1
> genes, repectively, were used and the membrane was newly transferred. I
> did the hybridization at the same time in different bags. However, the
> result was the same: all signals came from the rRNAs. The hybridization
> pattern was exactly the same as the EB-stained gel pattern.
> why it happened to me so often in so short time?I was so desperate now.
> Black

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