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> Hi all,
> I have run my PCR products on a 1% agarose gel with TAE buffer.
However, I
> found a strong band migrating towards the negative electrode after
EBr stain
> the gel.  I still saw my product at the positive end that is
apparently very
> normal.  Please suggest the likely possibilities account for the band
> is close to the well but at the negative electrode end!
> Thanks, biobiobio

If you used a "recycled" agarose gel (i.e., some wells unused from a
gel, cut and stored soaked in buffer plus EtBr, then used the day after)
that could just be something that got in the wells during soaking.
Check if the band appeared also in the lanes that were not loaded, or
in the lane with the DNA marker. If this is the case, rinsing the wells
with a pipette would be good, changing the EtBr/buffer even better. If
the gel was freshly poured, well, beats me. You could also check your
loading buffer and see if it gives a band, too.

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