in situ cracking?

Neil Saunders s3003334 at
Tue Jul 25 00:09:21 EST 2000

> I'm sure you'll attract the normal protocols for cracking/plasmid
> sizing so I will not reiterate them here HOWEVER an ex-colleague
> of mine claims he has heard of a protocol in which you cast the
> agarose gel with some kind of detergent in it.  You can then add
> bacterial suspension directly to the wells for "cracking in situ".
> I've searched various protocol lists but have never found this one.
> Has anyone else heard of it as it sounds very useful?

I once used a similar protocol to this for analysis of megaplasmids in
Paracoccus denitrificans; basically cells were added to the well plus
detergent (I forget which one, something non ionic), incubated for a while,
then sealed with agarose.  The idea was to avoid shearing the megaplasmids.
I'm not sure why anyone would want to analyse 'normal' cloning vectors this
way, but I could probably dig out the protocol if anyone wanted it.

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