cDNA library in E. coli

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Tue Jul 25 10:19:20 EST 2000

You might check out some of the technical literature at Strategenes' web
site (  I know for their lambda vectors, they give a
lot of information on just how to plate, propagate, etc. so as to not lose
the representationality (not sure if that's a real word).  I suspect they
have some useful information like that for some of their plasmid-based
systems that would be applicable whether you are using their vector
products or not (although I personally really like their vectors!)

Hope this helps


>Dear colleagues,
>I need a protocol for generating a cDNA library in E. coli (not in
>lambda phage). I do not need the protocol for the generation of the cDNA
>itself, since I use the Clontech kit, but for the subsequent procedure,
>i.e. transformation, plating, storage, mass isolation of the recombinat
>plasmid etc. Has anybody experience with this and can give me some
>technical tips?
>Thanks a lot
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