5'-end labeling of tRNA

January Weiner nospam_jweiner1 at ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Jul 26 06:54:34 EST 2000

	I have troubles labeling tRNA with 5'-gamma-32P, using PNK.
	Although incubation of RNA with any of buffers I use does not lead
	to a significant degradation, after the labelling I can only see
	surprisingly clear bands much below the lowest tRNA (bands about
	10-50 bases). A possibility is that only some degradation products
	are labelled, and the intact tRNA not, because it is not properly
	dephosphorylated. I would be glad if someone could post here a
	protocol for RNA dephosphorylation / labelling or point me to a
	site where I could find one.

	Best regards,

Unix soit qui mal y pense!

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