plant rna extraction : purity problems

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Thu Jul 27 09:12:13 EST 2000

"Bernard Murray, PhD" wrote:
> In article <397D7773.98F9923B at>, Sam Lievens
> <salie at> wrote:
> > i am growing the roots in liquid medium so there's no dirt around the
> > roots at all.
> I'm no plant person so I've never actually used the protocol but
> in the past a question to this newsgroup about such nucleic acid
> extractions inevitably led to the suggestion to use the CTAB method.
> Have you tried that one? (maybe it only works for DNA)

Perhaps incorporation of an agent that binds phenolics,   like PVPP..>?
might get rid of them, but I have no idea what it would do to rna.  It
is used in enzyme assays.

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