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> > where it says :
> > ...which facilitate directional cloning in pET-3d (formerly pET-8c) [20].
> >
> > 20 Studier, F. W., Rosenberg, A. H., Dunn, J. J. and Dubendorff, J. W.
> > (1990)
> > Methods Enzymol. 185, 60­89
> >
> > (The methods in enzymol. may be around in our lib )
> Ah . . . .  so is there any difference?  Ta.

i looked up the above reference. On p67 there is a tabel with properties of
vectors pET-1 till pET-11 ; pET-8 is missing. On p68 there is another tabel with
more properties of these vectors. The entries for pET-8c are empty ; it says
quote : pET-8c Previous designation for pET-3d unquote. So the only difference
is the name. The construction of  "the plasmid for expression by T7 RNA
polymerase"  vectors is in : A.H. Rosenberg , B.N. Lade ,.....F.W. Studier ,
Gene 56,125 (1987).  (However the actual sequence of the vectors must be deduced
from pBR322 and tables in this reference). The reference is in pubmed at :


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