Plasmid question

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Somebody at your Dept. should have been able to answer that question!
Or is it one of those homework problems?
Even so, if you are interested in spending time at the computer (instead of
reading books on the subject), waiting for answers to your molecular
biology questions, the time would be better spent researching through the
net utilizing any of several sites. 
Just enter the search terms: "plasmid", "supercoiling", "agarose gel
electrophoresis" and you will discover that there are several sites
virtually offering the information on that. 

At 02:20 PM 7/27/00 -0230, Mark Garry Petten wrote:
>I am running a sample of plasmid I have ligated with my cDNA insert
>through a 1% TBE gel. I am also running with it a sample of linearized
>plasmid without the insert. My question is will supercoiling cause the
>ligated plamid to migrate less through the gel or more?
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