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Mon Jul 31 17:05:28 EST 2000

Hi folks,

I have a question for all of you that use chemiluminescence routinely.
I am doing transcript profiling by probing dot blots of gene-specific
amplicons with DIG-labeled cDNA (I'm incorporating the DIG during
reverse transcription of total bacterial RNA). I'm using an
alk.phos.conjugate and CSPD as a substrate. So far, signals have been a
little underwhelming. I have just now tried CDP-star as a substrate and
signals are better, though someone was mentioning that maybe I should
think of moving to a peroxidase conjugate and a substrate such as
Pierce's "North to South".  Has anyone else tried this ? is it better
than alk.phos./CDP-star ?  I am definitely aiming for the best possible
sensitivity. Of course if the gains obtained using POD and its chemi
substrate are marginal, I'll just stick with AP and CDP-star.

thanks in advance,


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