Actinomycin D

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Mon Jul 31 19:02:57 EST 2000

I am working with RNA from shrimp. I am actually
trying to measure the half life of a messanger
RNA. I read that one way to measure it is by the
inhibition of RNA transcription, by actinomycin
D. However, as I undesratand I have to measure
the RNA synthesis rate in order to inhibit it.
Somebody told me that I should do pulse labeling
to know the synthesis rate.

In the laboratory I am working, there is no
chance to work with radioactivity.

Is there a "normal" rate of RNA synthesis? Or in
someway I could inyect to my shrimps certain
amount of actinomycin to inhibit the
transcription? (lets say mg of actinomycin per mg
of tissue). My problem is the amount of
actinomycin that I should inyect to my shrimp to
be completely sure of the inhibition of

Can someone give me a help???

I really appreciate it.

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