blunt cloning of PCR fragments

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Mon Jul 31 21:36:11 EST 2000

Yeah, why not give polishing w/ Klenow a try. It's only a 15min reaction...

At 05:04 PM 7/31/00 +0100, Michael L. Sullivan wrote:
>I've been trying to blunt-end clone some PCR fragments without much
>success.  Controls lead me to beleive that there isn't  problem with the
>ligase or ligation condition.  The PCR fragments were generated using
>KlenTaq LA from Sigma.  Since the enzyme mix is supposed to have a 3' to 5'
>proofreading activity, I figured the fragments should be coming out of the
>reaction with blunt ends.  Am I wrong about that?  Should I go ahead and
>polish up the ends in a separate step anyway?  Thanks for your input.
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