Questions about Ph and Infection

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Thu Jun 1 17:46:21 EST 2000

browning70 at wrote:
> Please forgive me. I am a novice here. I have a Masters in Counseling
> Psychology but came down with a nasty Lyme infection which got me
> interested in some biology questions as they relate to infectious
> disease.
> To begin, it is my understanding that most pathogens have a weak
> negative charge.  There are people who claim agents such as Colloidal
> Silver are effective against antigens because they carry a positive
> charge. Silver has been used as an antimicrobal for certain, especially
> Silver Nitrate also Silver Sulfadiazine.
Perhaps silver nitrate is useful as a topical antimicrobial at high
concentrations. I doubt that it is effective for internal treatment.
It sounds like you have been listening to some scam artists trying to
you a Quack remedy.   I suggest you consult your physician about these

PC LaRosa, PhD

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