plasmid repair

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Any basic mol bio/biochem text is supposed to contain this info.
Repair usually should occur prior to or concommittent with replication.
There should be a 0.5 probability for any particular base in a position
reverting (unless one of the bases in ther pair is modified (methylated). In
that case, the prob. of either a transversion or a transition should be 1
for the non-methylated base.

At 12:16 PM 6/2/00 GMT, Paul A Dalby wrote:
>Imagine a plasmid which has a base-pair mismatch in it.  If I transformed it 
>into E.coli, would it replicate before repair, or would it excise and repair 
>before replication?  If the latter, which strand gets reverted?
>Paul Dalby
>p.dalby at

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