plasmid repair

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On Fri, 2 Jun 2000 15:58:16, p.dalby at (Paul A Dalby) wrote:
ð >...Or is it the
ð >case that the mutation frequency was very very low but you still managed
ð >to find the mutant by probing.
ð Are you talking about the old Amersham kit here, with the thioester dATP
ð derivative?

Um, by way of humor rather than codgerly carping, 20 years ago there were no
kits. Any methods involving modified dNTPs, etc, are "newfangled." However,
since Fritz Eckstein qualifies as an old-timer, and his phosphorothioate-based
modification was one of the earliest ones, I suppose a kit based on that
approach could be called "old."

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