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Dr. Peter Gegenheimer PGegen at
Fri Jun 2 22:41:56 EST 2000

On Mon, 29 May 2000 14:22:25, curiouser at ("Malay") wrote:

ð Dear Netters:
ð Miguel Cervantes invented the modern novel and in his prologue, he said best
ð what writers feel (or for that matter, software writers)-The gladness and
ð The terror.
ð SeWeR Version 2.0 (Alpha) is on
ð It's an alpha version- "Imagined but not yet fully realized". Try it and let
ð me know how you feel. It is not yet in its  "home" (which it
ð will have more than one).

I'm sure you may have something interesting, but as presented, it is one more
SPAM. Does everone have time to go to your site, look at whatever, etc, just
to find out what you are talking about? The post is not only ungracious but

PLEASE, would everone provide explicit information about what they are asking
for/giving away/etc at the START of their post?

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