SeWeR 2.0, a prologue...

Malay curiouser at
Sat Jun 3 07:08:38 EST 2000

Dear Dr. Gegenheimer:

I am amused at your reply... :-) But my reply to your mail may not as
amusing as your, in that case I beg my apologies to you

>I'm sure you may have something interesting, but as presented, it is one

The SPAM by definition means "unsolicited mail". You subscribed to this
newsgroup. I am a subscriber too. By subscribing you agreed to receive mail
posted by other subscribers. In that case you are an authentic recipient of
my mail. So my mail is not spam.

 >Does everone have time to go to your site, look at whatever, etc, just
>to find out what you are talking about?

You didn't have the time to go to the site, that I think faster than writing
a mail to this newsgroup. That's marvelous! But trust me there are people
who have gone to the site and praised SeWeR.

>The post is not only ungracious but

It atleast from my view-point was not. It served it purpose

>PLEASE, would everyone provide explicit information about what they are
>for/giving away/etc at the START of their post?

It is very difficult sometimes to describe a program in few words. SeWeR is
one of them. I'll never try to explain SeWeR is few words. So I invite you
to take a look at SeWeR at- or

If you don't like SeWeR then put a filter against my mails. The solution is
simple! But if you like SeWeR then explain what is SeWeR all about to
others, which I could not do.

Thanks for your mail and be my guest!



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