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In article <000f01bfcd54$3a38a140$7b02a8c0 at>, Malay
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> >Does everone have time to go to your site, look at whatever, etc, just
>>to find out what you are talking about?
>You didn't have the time to go to the site, that I think faster than writing
>a mail to this newsgroup. That's marvelous! But trust me there are people
>who have gone to the site and praised SeWeR.
>>The post is not only ungracious but
>It atleast from my view-point was not. It served it purpose
>>PLEASE, would everyone provide explicit information about what they are
>>for/giving away/etc at the START of their post?
>It is very difficult sometimes to describe a program in few words. SeWeR is
>one of them. I'll never try to explain SeWeR is few words. So I invite you
>to take a look at SeWeR at-
> or


Hi Malay,

While I agree that your original post was not spam, you certainly
weren't doing yourself any favors in terms of encouraging people to
visit the site!

Along with the almost complete absence of information in your post, the
creative use of capitalization commonly associated with illiterate
dOoDz selling cOol WaReZ led me to assume that it was another spam
selling porn/MLM/whatever, so I binned it before noticing the link.

In fact, it looks like a sequence analysis web site that might even be
genuinely useful (I haven't looked closely enough to be sure).  SInce
you can't be bothered with even a cursory description yourself, here is
a brief summary of pertinent information culled from the website

>What is SeWeR?
>SeWeR is an acronym, stands for SEquence analysis using WEb
>Resources. In addition to its common *dirty* use, the word SeWeR
>also has two meanings- first, "a medieval servant or household
>officer of high rank in charge of serving the dishes at
>table and sometimes of seating and tasting" and the second
>one, "one who sews". SeWeR fits all of these definitions. First, it
>is *dirty* at the code level. Second, it serves. It serves you a
> single door to all the common web-based services for sequence
> analysis. And it sews. It sews all these services together. For
>refined mind, SeWeR is an integrated portal to common
>web-based services in bioinformatics.
>Who can use SeWeR?
>SeWeR is cross-browser DHTML. It is written entirely in
>JavaScript1.2. Hence it will run only in Netscape 4.0 or
>higher and Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. I have taken all
>the precautions so that it runs on all the platforms in these two
>browsers. But DHTML is still in its infancy and implementation by
>browser vendors are at its best rudimentary and are full of bugs. If
> you find one please let me know. Other browser users are on their

There now, that wasn't so hard was it?  By the way, your URL to IUBio
is broken, it should read:

Best wishes,


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