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Tue Jun 6 11:08:39 EST 2000

Are you finding the whole job hunting process just too
 tedious and time-consuming? Or are you pretty happy with
 your present position, but would just like to know if
 there might be something better out there, but you just
 don't have the time to check out the market?

 Then let me tell you about a new software tool that can
 put your resume in front of thousands of hiring companies
 WHILE YOU SLEEP and without you having to read a single

 We call it RESUME POWER MAILER (RPM), and it will cut
 your job search time and effort by up to 90%, no matter
 which field you're in. Here's how it works.

 I don't have to tell you that conventional job hunting
 requires spending long hours reading classified ads and
 scanning job postings on the web and it can be a
 frustrating waste of time.

 Well, with RESUME POWER MAILER (RPM) you can eliminate
 all that effort and still get your resume distributed to
 thousands of hiring companies WHILE YOU SLEEP!

 You see, the RPM CD includes a extensive database
 containing the email addresses of thousands of
 companies and government agencies that have recently
 advertised jobs in every conceivable professional
 field. These email addresses have been grouped into
 lists by professional specialty and geographic area.

 To use RPM to disseminate your resume and cover letter,
 all you do is select the email address list most
 appropriate for your needs (based on job category and
 geographic location), and load it into the special RPM
 email client software, click send, and go to bed. While
 you sleep RPM will distribute your resume to thousands
 of hiring authorities. Then, you just sit back and wait
 for them to respond.

 You can even edit the list you select before you send
 out your resume to make sure it only reaches the
 companies you want.

 So, why waste countless hours reading ads? With RPM, you
 just "broadcast" your resume to ALL the companies now
 hiring in your field and let them call you. That way you
 don't have to invest any time or energy in your job
 search until your phone actually rings.

 "Which professional fields are covered by the RPM
 database?", you ask. Well, here's a sample list of some
 of the major specialties that are included.

 Accounting, Aerospace, Administrative Support, Advertising,
 Banking, Bio-Sciences, Bookkeeping, Broadcasting, Clerical,
 Computer Programming, Customer Service, Dental, Electronics,
 EDP, Engineering, Environmental, Executive Management,
 Finance, General Office, Graphics, Health Care, Human
 Resources, Import-Export, Insurance, Manufacturing,
 Marketing, Media, Medicine, Mining, Nursing, Nutrition,
 Personnel, Petro-Chemical, Photography, Printing, Public
 Relations, Publishing, Purchasing, Quality Control, Research,
 Sales, Scientific, Shipping & Receiving, Social Services,
 Software Engineering, Systems Analysis, Teaching, Training,
 Telecommunications, Telemarketing, and Warehousing.

 Order your own RPM CD today and SAVE $10 OFF the regular
 price of $29.95. That's right, if we receive your order
 by June 20, 2000 your cost is only $19.95 + $3.20 for
 S&H via Priority Mail ($23.15 total). Arizona residents
 add $1.57 tax.


 To order your RPM CD with your credit card simply click
 on the following link: http://ameribase.safeshopper.com
 to access our secure server, and then click on "SPECIALS".

 Or, if you prefer, you can place your order over the phone
 with a live operator by calling 520-779-9194.


 To order your RPM CD using check or money order simply
 fill in the order form below and print and mail with your
 payment to the address listed below:


 AmeriBase Corp
 Dept 191
 900 N. Switzer Canyon #101
 Flagstaff, AZ 86001
 voice: 520-779-9194
 fax: 602-532-7176
 email: ameribase at safeshopper.com


You can have your address removed from our database by
replying to:
mailto:drisck at netscape.net?subject=remove


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