Removing fat from tissue preps?

Wolfgang Schechinger Wolfgang.Schechinger at
Wed Jun 7 10:18:04 EST 2000


in the case you shouldn't get a protocol by this NG,
I'd consider to remove the fat using chloroform (will form the 
*lower* phase!), t-butanol, octanol or sth similar lipophilic, 
immiscible with water. these agents will denature your proteins but 
since you will boil them with SDS anyway it shouldn't matter.
In order to remove traces of solvent wich might interfere with 
your SDS Page, a second extraction with up to 1 ml of MTBE, petrol 
ether (not: petroleum), pentane, heptane or sth similar (avoid 
hexane, it's neurotoxic) might be necessary. Maybe the higher alkanes 
will work directly.

good luck!

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