Outlook users/prevernt HTML attachments

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Fri Jun 9 03:27:48 EST 2000

Hello all.
As a regular on this group, I find some posts imp[ossible to decipher due
to html attavchments, Vcard, etc.

My posting is not Molbiol but in the circumstances I thinkit is relevant
as a one off. :-)

I normally use RISC OS or a Mac and newswatcher but I know there are some
people who use TIN, remote in a telnet session. IE myself when
conferencing. This makes things even worse since only my RISC OS side can
auto strip html.

In the Comp.sys.acorn.misc group someone posted a fix for the windows
users that have this mail/news programme.

the URL for this is 

Users of RISC OS and users of psion netbooks may wish to have a look here
and on Paul's software pages since RISC OS is being ported to the netbook.

The OS has been running on Intel StrongARM chips (in netbook) since 1997
so has a wealth of top class apps far superior to most on the MS platform.
Then again I am biased. :-)

Bob running a RiscPC600 with RISC OS 3.7

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