NetPrimer does not work?

PN pnokelai at whoccr.oulu.fi_no_spam
Fri Jun 9 08:56:27 EST 2000

oswaldo wrote:

> It does run fine locally in my computer and I use Netscape like you do.
> But it takes an awfully long time to load the applet, about 4-5 minutes.
> Once loaded, it runs good
> Oswaldo

In my case I think that Applet is running because there is a text in the
window of Netscape saying "NetPrimerApplet running". The program allows me
to type in a sequence and even the light in the analyze button turns on when
I type the 10th letter. But when I click the analyze button nothing happens.
Did I forget something very simple or is there something strange going on? I
also tried it in another PC where I even updated Netscape to 4.73 and
program still kept silence.
Any ideas?


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