DNA supercoiling

Dr. R O'Kennedy r.o'kennedy at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jun 9 12:59:13 EST 2000

I should have thought about the spec idea before !. The MDSD for 
cloroquine was not that informative in that it mentions activated 
charcoal but no real binding info. Maybe the Merck one will be better. 
Generally we use activated charcoal "teabags" for removal of EtBr 
which gets around the dust problem. 



Suzanne Elsasser wrote:
> Dear Ronan,
> You might find out what you need to know by looking at the MDSD for chloroquine.
> Cornell support a free access site for MDSDs, which is referenced through
> www.ilpi.com/msds/ .  There's a search box on the page.  Just for giggles, I
> plugged in "chloroquine" and found quite a lot of information, and enough to piece
> together a disposal strategy.  I be tactivated charcoal would work, but maybe you
> should put the contaminated stuff in a bag right away, as the dust seems to be
> problematic.  You can probably check the efficeincy of the activated charcoal by
> following the presence of chloroquine spectrophotometrically (check the Merck
> Index for the extinction coefficient).
> Suzanne


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