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Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Mon Jun 12 08:17:38 EST 2000

In article <HiMPNLAsTNQ5EAeT at demon.co.uk>, "Dr. Duncan Clark"
<Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> In article <rh-0906000931460001 at a6-curtis.ibls.gla.ac.uk>, the esteemed
> Robert Hartley <rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk> writes
> >Hello all.
> >As a regular on this group, I find some posts imp[ossible to decipher due
> >to html attavchments, Vcard, etc.
> >
> >The OS has been running on Intel StrongARM chips (in netbook) since 1997
> >so has a wealth of top class apps far superior to most on the MS platform.
> >Then again I am biased. :-)
> >
> The other problem with RISC is that there isn't a spell checker with the
> e-mail software.
> (Only joking Bob.)

Ahh one of the three things I'm famous for. :-)

1)bad speeling :-)
2)stealing pens
3)telling bad jokes

Bob posted on a Mac like the last one. :)

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