Stripping S&S membranes

Cindy Pidgeon cmpidgeo at
Tue Jun 13 09:58:52 EST 2000

I have found that boiling 0.1%SSPE and 0.5%SDS, pouring over the
membrane and leaving it for 15 minutes to be the best  method.  If that
doesn't work you can try incubating your membranes in a 50%
formamide/6XSSPE solution at 65C for 30 minutes followed by a quick
washing at room temp with 2XSSPE.  This method is a lot harder on the
membrane and can remove some of the bound nucleic acid so don't leave it
to long.  Also be sure to completely wash off the formamide.

It is my experience that some probes (i.e. ribosomal) can not be
stripped from membranes completely because there is simply too much
bound probe.

Good luck,


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