RNA degradation

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well kept secret: paraformaldehyde does not fix your cells. You
really need to break it up to formaldehyde before it works.
Dissolving paraformaldehyde (starting from powder) on a hot plate
is sufficient to turn it into formaldehyde.
I've used formaldehyde to fix cells, then did overnight antibody
incubations, and had no problem with the RNA I was looking for.
For a picture of the RNA, go to
and download the paper (in pdf format) or go to your library (or
the plant physiology website if you have online access to the
journal) and get a copy of
Stuger et al., Messenger RNA-binding properties of nonpolysomal
ribonucleoproteins from heat-stressed tomato cells, Plant
Physiol. (1999) 120, 23-31.
(the RNA in fixed cells is on fig. 6).

Good luck,

Rogier Stuger
Mol Cell Physiol, Free U of Amsterdam
E rogier AT bio.vu.nl

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