New Glucuronide Substrate

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Thu Jun 15 16:07:04 EST 2000

Check any number of papers written by Richard A. Jefferson who first used GUS
as a reporter gene in plants.  There also is a book called GUS protocols which
may be of help.

GUS Protocols: Using the GUS gene as a Reporter of Gene Expression
Editited by Sean R. Gallagher
Academic Press 1992   ISBN 0-12-274010-6

Hope this helps
Alan Smith

Damian Bond wrote:

> We have a novel chromogenic Glucuronide substrate. It performs in the same
> way as X-Glucuronide, but can be made to either a) fluoresce or b) give an
> intense black colouration that binds tightly to the bacterial colony.  I am
> trying to find new applications for it.
> We are already incorporating it into media for E.coli, such as TBGA (LAB M)
> or TBX (Oxoid), but its real strength appers to be in a media with a mix of
> New-Glucuronide and X-Gal, giving a E. coli / Coliform media (black
> coliforms and blue E. coli - if I can remember my enzyme pathways correctly
> at this time of night).
> I am trying to find other uses for the substrate. I hear claims that
> Glucuronide substrates are used in other fields, such as Plant tissue
> culture, but I cannot get any confirmation on this. Basically, if I am able
> to increase the use, the volumes increase and the synthesis costs decrease,
> allowing the substrate to be made available at a sensible price.
> Does anyone know of other applications or have an interest in collaborating
> to explore uses of this substrate ?
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