Getting rid of H2O2...

Austin P. So (Hae-Jin) haejin at netinfo.ubc.caX
Thu Jun 15 17:29:30 EST 2000

What is it that you're doing? If you don't mind me saying so, that does
seem like an odd thing to do.

If you don't care about by-products or what have you or interference with
a signal, then HRP would probably be the "best" of the lot...or anything
like DCF (dichlorofluorescein). Or you could just remove the media, if it
is a cell-based assay.

Johannes Graumann wrote:

> Hallo everybody,
> Imagine you have an assay that contains 2 mM H2O2. At a certain point
> you want to get rid of that. How would you do that?
> I checked out Catalase (specifically Sigma C-100), but the technical
> Service said, that the Km is between 2 and 25 mM!! Doesn't look that
> promising. Any ideas?

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