sticking it to nitrocellulose

"David Alexander dalex at
Sun Jun 18 12:22:54 EST 2000

Hello All,

This question has been asked before,
but after searching the archives,
I have failed to find a satisfactory answer.

Can you UV crosslink RNA to nitrocellulose?
If so, what are the best conditions?
(i.e. wet? dry? stuck to SSC-soaked Whatman?  how long?)

I know the main argument against UV and nitrocelluose
is the possibility of igniting the membrane.
Has anyone actually experienced this?
(the only anecdote I know of involved someone who was
crosslinking with a microwave oven, instead of a UV crosslinker)

Thanks in advance to all who respond.
I suspect this is just a case where there are many right answers,
but if some clear trends emerge, I will post a summary.



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