Sv: Questions about Ph and Infection

A.F. Simpson AFS7 at
Mon Jun 19 15:41:28 EST 2000

browning70 at wrote:

<would testing colloidal silver in animals be justified>
> Who said anything about harming the animal.  From the research I have
> done on Colloidal Silver, the only implied risk I can find is argraria
> (sp?). Skin turns grey/blue?

The animals would still be harmed - they would be bred, kept in a cage,
dosed with the colloidal silver and then killed so that the effect could
be analysed.  If you wanted to look at the effect of colloidal silver on
infections, then the animals would have to be infected with something as
well.  Even if the colloidal silver cured them quickly and safely, they
would be killed at the end of the experiment.  Then there are the
untreated control animals and animals receiving other treatments. 
That's the reality of animal experimentation, I'm afraid.


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