sticking it to nitrocellulose

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Mon Jun 19 10:01:03 EST 2000

"(David Alexander)" wrote:
> Hello All,
> This question has been asked before,
> but after searching the archives,
> I have failed to find a satisfactory answer.
> Can you UV crosslink RNA to nitrocellulose?
> If so, what are the best conditions?
> (i.e. wet? dry? stuck to SSC-soaked Whatman?  how long?)
For 10 years we have been using stratalinker to crosslink dna and rna to
nitrocellulose... I never heard of any danger of fire.  We just follow
the directions... autocrosslink ,   slightly tacky but not dry
I have also used regular transilluminators to crosslink. In that case
you have perform a little time course expt to see what time works best
for your membrane, transilluminator combo.

Chris Larosa

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